Is the ReWalk™ suitable for me?

In its current configuration and functionality, the ReWalk is suitable for lower-limb mobility impaired adults who have functioning hands, arms and shoulders, as well as the ability to stand (healthy skeleton and cardio-vascular system). An approval from a physician is required.

When will the ReWalk be released for the market?

ReWalk Rehabilitation is currently available for purchase by rehabilitation hospitals and is released for centers in Europe, the USA and Israel.

ReWalk Personal is now available for purchase by private users in Europe.

In the US, where can I use the ReWalk until the personal version is available?

Please contact us and we can identify the location closest to you. In parallel, you may contact your local rehabilitation center and advise them to purchase the ReWalk, which will serve you and other paraplegics for training and practicing walking.

What will be the price of the ReWalk?

Please contact us for prices.

Will the ReWalk be reimbursable by health insurance?

This will vary by country. Please contact Argo for your specific location.

Is Argo interested in strategic partnerships?

Argo is seeking strategic partners who will be able to effectively provide marketing / sales, training, technical support and any other customer support function. Companies which manufacture and market / sale orthotic equipment (e.g. prosthetics) or mobility equipment (e.g. wheelchairs) or organizations which operate orthopedic and / or neurologic rehabilitation centers or workshops are our prime targets for strategic partnerships. Companies / organizations which have at least nationwide (countrywide) presence in sales and / or service will be preferential candidates.

Can I become a ReWalk distributor?

Argo welcomes contacts with companies who are well established in the rehabilitation sector in their respective countries.

Can I participate in the ReWalk clinical trials?

Persons who show interest in participating in the clinical trials should periodically check on our website for specific Information regarding relevant sites.

How do I contact Argo?

The best way to reach us is by filling out the contact form in ‘Contact Us‘ page.

We will do our best to respond to all inquiries promptly.  All inquiries are saved in our database for future communication.