Argo ReWalk Exoskeleton Now Ready to Take Home, Around Neighborhood

Claire Lomas, a paraplegic woman from Leicestershire in the UK,

is making medical history as the world’s first person to use an exoskeleton for daily living around her home. She proved the capability of the ReWalk system from ARGO Medical (Yokneam Ilit, Israel) by using it to walk a complete marathon and then lighting the Paralympic cauldron in Trafalgar Square.

Until now, the ReWalk was exclusively used in rehabilitation clinics with a therapist spotting the patient and providing constant step-by-step guidance. Now Claire is able to use the device independently, even walking up and down stairs and around the neighborhood. Though the ReWalk is slower on flat surfaces compared to a wheelchair, the psychological benefit of being able to get around house, stand upright and talk to people eye-to-eye is difficult to measure.

According to Larry Jasinski, CEO of Argo Medical, “Years of research and hard work from a very talented team of engineers has made this product possible. We’re looking forward to seeing Claire build on her accomplishments alongside the Cyclone team, whose training is such a key component in ensuring that users get the most from the device. We are officially launching the ReWalk personal use system in the EU with this start in the UK. It’s our aim to get as many individuals as possible walking again, and the launch of the ReWalk will allow customers to use the technology for a range of activities. It truly is the beginning of Rewalking as a part of daily life.”

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