Using Biofeedback Post Stroke to Decrease Compensatory Strategies

April is National OT Month! This month we celebrate all of the hard work of Neuro OT’s like Rebecca Martin, OTR/L, OTD from the Kennedy Krieger Institute. Hear about her work in this highlighted clip from our Topics in Neurorehabilitation webcast where she discusses using biofeedback post stroke with devices like the MediTouch system. Rebecca describes finding success in helping her patients work with their emerging movement patterns to reach functional goals without introducing compensatory strategies. She also discusses how she can combine the biofeedback with electrical stimulation, and use this combination to adjust the targets in the games to continue to challenge her patients throughout their treatment progression.


Click here to watch the highlighted clip, here to check out the full episode, and to learn more about the MediTouch product discussed in this clip please visit the product resource page here.

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