Boston-Area Exoskeleton Developer Announced as finalist for SBANE Awards

ReWalk is named as a finalist for the 2014 New England Innovation Awards

Marlborough, MA — May 6, 2014 — Argo Medical Technologies, the team behind the ReWalk™ exoskeleton system, has been announced as a finalist for the upcoming SBANE 2014 New England Innovation Awards Gala for its outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship. The awards gala will be held on May 7th.

Each year, SBANE selects an elite group of pioneering companies and projects that have successfully transformed a compelling technology into a high-performing business model and are leading their industries. SBANE finalists are also selected based on their level of benefit to users and their market impact.

The ReWalk team is proud to be featured in this group of game-changing innovators.

Invented by Israeli entrepreneur and founder of Argo Medical Technologies, Dr Amit Goffer, who became a quadriplegic in 1998, the ReWalk helps individuals with lower-limb disabilities such as paraplegia.

It provides individuals with user-initiated mobility through the integration of a wearable brace support, a computer-based control system and motion sensors. The ReWalk is a robotic exoskeleton that provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals with lower-limb disabilities, such as paraplegia, to stand upright and to walk. It provides individuals with user-initiated mobility through the integration of a wearable brace support, a computer-based control system and motion sensors.

“It is an honor to receive this recognition from SBANE,” said Larry Jasinski, CEO of Argo Medical Technologies. “We are incredibly proud of the work and revolutionary technologies being developed at ReWalk. It is thrilling to see the burgeoning market of exoskeleton systems included among such a prestigious group of innovations.”

The ReWalk System is the most tested and has the most published data of any other exoskeleton, and there are more people using the ReWalk than all other exoskeleton systems combined.

ReWalk Personal, designed for everyday use by individuals at home and in their communities, is currently under review for FDA Clearance and is already being used in Europe and other parts of the world. It is custom-fit for each user, and this revolutionary cutting-edge technology allows users to stand, turn, and walk indoors and outdoors on a daily basis.

The ReWalk Rehabilitation unit is used in the clinical rehabilitation environment, and provides a training base for users before obtaining their personal unit, while offering valuable means of exercise and therapy for individuals with lower limb disabilities.

The ReWalk Personal allows users to maintain the benefits they gain during rehabilitation, and to continue to experience these benefits on a daily basis, at home.


About the ReWalk Team

Argo Medical Technologies develops, manufactures and markets the ReWalk exoskeleton for users with lower limb disabilities, such as paraplegia. Its mission is to fundamentally change the health and life experiences of individuals with spinal cord injury. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Amit Goffer, a scientist and a quadriplegic, today Argo is a global company with headquarters in the US, Germany and Israel. For more information on the ReWalk systems, please visit


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