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ReWalk in the News | ReWalk Marketing | 15. December 2020

Every Step of the Way

This was published in NR Times, the neurorehabilitation magazine covering brain and spinal injuries and neuro conditions from every angle. You can view the article on their website here, or read below. STEPS rehabilitation recently had an opportunity to put Rewalk’s Restore system through its paces, as senior physiotherapist Jamie Story explains.   Published 24th […]

ReWalk in the News | ReWalk Marketing | 30. October 2019

Meet the NYC Marathon’s amazing bionic woman

Meet the NYC Marathon’s amazing bionic woman By Zachary Kussin October 30, 2019 | 6:05pm   Terry VerelineBarry Sloan Nearly a decade ago, Terry Vereline — who’s paralyzed from the chest down — “[moped] around in the morning … not wanting to get out of bed.” Now, the Long Islander is prepping for her first New York City […]

ReWalk in the News | ReWalk Marketing | 17. October 2019

Exosuits can restore mobility in stroke patients and soldiers alike There’s been a bevy of heavy metal, superpower-imbuing robotic suits in pop culture — think Halo, Avatar, or Iron Man. In fact, these fictional portrayals were what inspired researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute in the Biodesign Lab to develop a new exosuit. Initially, the goal of the exosuit project was to develop military applications. (Not surprising, considering the […]

ReWalk in the News | ReWalk Marketing | 6. September 2019

ReStore Exo-Suit Robotic System

PROJECT TYPE Exo-suit with robotics system DEVELOPER ReWalk Robotics APPLICATION Clinic-based therapy system for gait rehabilitation after stroke SYSTEM WEIGHT 11lbs (5kg) Expand Previous The mechanical cables attached to legs and around the lower torso assist in providing plantar flexion and dorsiflexion training. Image courtesy of Andy Dolan/ReWalk Robotics. ReWalk Robotics’ ReStore™ is the first […]

ReWalk in the News | Andreas Jantke | 17. January 2019

Helping paralyzed patients walk again

Peter Jaret, special to AAMCNews January 7, 2019 From Iron Man-like suits to implanted electrical stimulators, scientific breakthroughs hold out new hope for people with spinal cord injuries. Jeff Marquis, a professional chef, loved nothing better than snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking on the trails near his Montana home. Then, in 2011, catastrophe struck. Marquis, […]

ReWalk in the News | Andreas Jantke | 20. April 2017

Paralysed Devon man plans London Marathon

A Devon man who was paralysed following a motocross accident is aiming to tackle the London Marathon. Father-of-two Spencer Watts, 21, was injured at the age of 15 and two years ago he got back on a motorbike. Now he’s also back on his feet, thanks to special robotic legs.

ReWalk in the News | Andreas Jantke | 18. April 2017

The Rise of a Real-life Robocop: Meet Jeremy

What if everything you’ve worked for was lost in a single moment? Jeremy Romero always wanted to be a police officer. For 13 years he lived out his dream, until a devastating crash left him near death and paralyzed from the waist down. Find out how Jeremy defied the odds to rise above his life-changing […]

ReWalk in the News | Andreas Jantke | 28. March 2017

Robotic Brace for Veterans of Spinal Cord Injury

By Christopher Menzie VA San Diego Healthcare System Public Affairs Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Veteran Brandon Myers removes his shoes from a wheelchair he used to harness an exoskeleton walking device In a series of thumps, whirrs and clattering noises, Brandon Myers was able to achieve what his body would no longer let him do […]