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Ep 11: Exo-Suit Clinical Research Summary

In Episode 11, Lou Awad, PT, DPT, PhD builds upon his previous talk (Episode 05) to summarize findings from his research on exo-suits for post-stroke rehabilitation. Lou’s research covers the immediate changes which occur during exo-suit augmented gait training, including improvements in ground clearance, paretic propulsion, and reductions in compensatory strategies such as circumduction and […]

Topics in NeuroRehabilitation | ReWalk Marketing |

Ep 08: Propulsion Asymmetry Post-Stroke

  In Episode 8, Michael Lewek, PT, PhD expands on previous talks on gait rehabilitation (…) and paretic propulsion (…), to provide a deeper look at the significance of propulsion asymmetry after stroke, and the impact this has on patients’ walking speed and metabolic efficiency.