Clinical Integration of the ReStore Exo-Suit

Episode 25 of the Topics in NeuroRehabilitation webcast features a ReStore Case Study presented by Abby Maillet, PT from Brooks Neuro Recovery Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Brooks is one of the first centers in the US to incorporate the ReStore Exo-Suit technology into patient treatment sessions post stroke, click below to hear about their exciting outcomes!

To learn more about the ReStore Exo-Suit for stroke rehabilitation that Abby discusses, visit the ReStore resource center, here.


In case you missed last month’s episode, click here to check out Topics in Neuro Rehab Ep 24: Wheelchair Selection and Positioning 


To learn more about Abby’s work at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital Neuro Recovery Center, or any of the resources that she mentioned in her talk, please follow the links below:


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