Discharge Planning for the ReWalk Exoskeleton

My patient has finished their ReWalk training program – now what?

This week’s highlighted clip of Topics in NeuroRehabilitation Episode 06 takes us back to episode 06, where I discuss some of the key elements of good discharge planning for individuals with SCI who are training with a personal exoskeleton, including companion selection, device storage and usage locations, and frequency and dosage recommendations for successful home use. This clip comes from the larger episode on advanced training techniques and clinical problem solving for clinicians who are training ReWalkers to develop skills for home and community use.

You can find the full Episode in our Topics in NeuroRehabilitation Blog category here.

We have also added a downloadable discharge planning template and other training resources to our website, available here: https://rewalk.com/resource-center/rewalk-exoskeleton-training-resources/

Reach us here for further information on the ReWalk Exoskeleton and to discuss the process to pursue a device for a patient.

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