Exoskeleton and Exo-Suit Progression Strategies

In this highlight video Matt Giffhorn, PT, DPT, NCS from the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab answers one of the questions we hear a lot: “How can I maximize the benefits of an Exoskeleton or an Exo-Suit to make sure I continue to progress and challenge my neuro rehab patients?”

Matt talks through a couple of different philosophies that he uses when considering how to adjust the device settings and task intensity to increase the level of challenge for his patients as they progress. He also highlights the importance of setting aside some time within each session to practice walking without assistance from the device, to ensure that patients have time to practice carrying over the skills from the device into their everyday walking to maximize the therapeutic benefit.

This is a highlighted clip from ReWalk’s Topics in NeuroRehabilitation web series. You can watch the full episode here: 

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