How Can I Try the ReStore Exo-Suit as a Patient?

Kathleen ODonnell

We’re so glad you asked! To assist with this conversation, we have created a ReStore Information Packet that you can download and print to give, or email, to your clinicians to help them learn more about the ReStore technology and learn how incorporating ReStore into their treatment programs can help their patients.

The ReStore Exo-Suit is a new type of robotic therapy designed for use in clinics and other rehabilitation facilities that treat patients who have difficulty walking following a neurological injury such as stroke. Using ReStore, your therapist provides targeted assistance to your affected leg during push-off and ground clearance, which may help to retrain your walking for improved function and mobility.

ReStore is not available for home or personal use, so if you feel you are a candidate for gait training with the ReStore Soft Exo-Suit, we encourage you to reach out to your medical team who can help decide if the ReStore Exo-Suit is appropriate for your rehabilitation program.

You can find the information to provide to your clinician in our resource section by Clicking Here

If after reviewing this packet your medical team would like to learn more about the ReStore Exo-Suit, they can always Reach Out to our local ReWalk representatives to address any follow-up questions they may have!

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