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As we move to a world that is increasingly digital, the team at ReWalk Robotics has been hard at work finding new ways to share educational, inspirational, and newsworthy content. This blog will focus on exoskeletons, exo-suits, and other robotic developments to provide gait training and mobility for people with disabilities. We will compile relevant and timely resources for clinicians and individuals with mobility impairments to help keep you up to date on the latest developments.

Posts will fall into a number of categories, including news stories, testimonials, video programming, clinical publications and training tips. We are also introducing Clinician’s Corner, a category with educational content for clinicians and other rehabilitation professionals interested in current trends and clinical opinions in rehabilitation. We are also pleased to introduce a Resource section to our website to store reference materials and other valuable resources for ease of reference or download.

Please use the search and category functions to explore content tailored to your interests. Clinician’s Corner subscribers can also opt to receive a monthly digest email of relevant posts with educational clinical content. And you can always reach out to us any time using our contact page to request a demonstration, more information, or to suggest specific topics for upcoming blog posts or content.

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