Presence of Propulsive Reserve?

Hear from Mike Lewek, PT, PhD from UNC Chapel Hill in this highlighted clip as he introduces his research around the concept of a “Propulsive Reserve” – the idea that patients post-stroke have the inherent capacity to produce more propulsion force on their paretic side, and that, when exposed to the right set of circumstances promoting improved paretic propulsion, patients are able to see the benefit and begin to modify their gait even after the circumstances are removed.


“Once [subjects] were exposed to the opportunity of producing more [propulsion] force . . . they felt some benefit to producing more force and they continued to do it once the impeding force was removed.”

This is a great example of how the ReStore Exo-Suit can help to create a safe environment for patients to practice walking with improved plantarflexor function to promote more lasting therapeutic changes in gait.

This is a highlighted clip from ReWalk’s Topics in NeuroRehabilitation web series. You can watch the full episode here:

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