Publication Alert: ReStore Multi-Site Clinical Trial

Kathleen ODonnell

This largest-to-date exo-suit research study analyzes device safety, reliability and feasibility with 44 subjects post-stroke across 5 leading US rehabilitation institutions.

Want to read more published research about the ReWalk ReStore?

Head over to our new Resources section to check out publications like this one published from authors Lou Awad, Alberto Esquenazi, Gerard Francisco, Karen Nolan, and Arun Jayaraman. This study represents the largest research effort to date to evaluate the effects of exo-suit augmented gait training at 5 major US Rehabilitation Institutions. The authors highlight the safety and feasibility results from this 44-person trial, as well as expand on some of the exploratory gait outcomes following a series of 5 training sessions with the ReWalk ReStore. In particular, the pre/post walking assessments demonstrated at least a small meaningful improvement (≥ .05m/s) in subjects’ unassisted (no exo-suit) walking speed for 64% of study participants.

Read more about this recent publication of research from five of the top rehabilitation research institutes in the United States here.

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