Publication of research on using ReWalk at home and in the community

It’s so exciting to see research about exoskeleton use in the home and community!

This recent publication is the first to report on multiple participants using a ReWalk in their home environment. The study followed 14 participants who completed ReWalk Basic and Advanced Training and then brought the device home for 2-3 weeks. While this is not a long period of time, we are provided with a snapshot of the type of environment that exoskeletons are commonly used in and that most participants used it for functional activity outdoors. Furthermore, potential health benefits came with regular use and moderate intensity.

In this study there was a large variation of use by participants once they had the device at home. This highlights just how important it is to qualify individuals interested in exoskeleton technology prior to prescribing a home device so that we can get this technology in the hands of motivated individuals who intend to use it on a regular basis and do not have environmental barriers. 

Read more about this study here.

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