ReWalk Exoskeleton Clinician and Patient Support

ReWalk is committed to supporting therapists and device owners from initial training through continued success. Learn more about that commitment here…

Our clinical training managers have developed a comprehensive selection of print and video educational tools in addition to our onsight training program and on-site support.

Resources to prepare a client for their first ReWalk session are an example of this commitment.  Visit our Resource section to view and download our Program to Prepare for ReWalk 6.0 Trial document, and watch our ReWalk Training Videos to see examples of ReWalkers performing transfers into the exoskeleton, sit to stand transfers, and taking initial steps.

Another helpful resource is the video below, in which Matt Fuller, PT, DPT discusses the elements of a good Exoskeleton “pre-hab” program to help therapists and individuals with SCI to better prepare for an upcoming exoskeleton trial day.

We encourage therapists to share these resources with their clients, and we also encourage device users to review these resources and learn from those who have experienced “More Than Walking” themselves!

Reach us here for further information on the ReWalk Exoskeleton and the process to pursue a device for yourself or to offer exoskeleton training at your rehabilitation clinic.


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