ReWalk Robotics Supports the 2021 Wheelchair Games

As part of our commitment to improving the lives of those living with lower limb disabilities, we regularly participate in community based events. We love this not only for the chance to meet and interact with folks on a personal level but also to show off what we have to offer the community. Given the many restrictions we have all been living through with the covid-19 pandemic, it was extra sweet this year to get out to NYC and support one of our favorite groups, Paralyzed Veterans of America. 

Members of the ReWalk and MYOLYN teams pictured here with longtime ReWalker and Veteran Gene L. at the 2021 Wheelchair Games

ReWalk Robotics is proud to offer two unique opportunities to U.S. Veterans who qualify; access to home use of our robotic exoskeleton technology, as well as a more recent addition to our arsenal,  MYOLYN Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Cycling. 

To learn more about how ReWalk can help veterans after spinal cord injury click here, or below on the picture of each device:



Thanks again to all who have served our country and to those who came out to compete and show how much is possible even in the face of adversity!


Paralyzed US Veterans May be Eligible for a ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton

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Qualified U.S. Veterans are eligible to receive their own MyoCycle Home FES bikes through their V.A. hospital.

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