Ron Edwards MYOCYCLE Testimonial

Ron Edwards is the owner of Focus Advertising Specialties in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a service disabled Veteran that has been living with MS for over 15 years. Ron is very active in helping his Veteran community and has focused on helping to resolve homelessness among Veterans. He has been using his MYOCYCLE consistently since July and reports a reduction in recurrent leg spasms and improvements in his quality of sleep. Functional improvements include improved standing and walking stability which have allowed him to continue to do activities he loves such as playing ping pong. 

When I delivered his MYOCYCLE, we had an epic showdown on the Ping Pong table in Ron’s garage and after his first MYOCYCLE session Ron put the benefits from that session to good use by winning 2 out of 3 games! Thanks, Ron, for all you do to help your fellow Veterans and thank you for your service and trusting ReWalk Robotics in assisting with your recovery. 

Watch Ron’s testimonial here


Qualified U.S. Veterans are eligible to receive their own MyoCycle Home FES bikes through their V.A. hospital.

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