TIME Magazine names ReWalk world changing invention in 2013

ReWalk_TIME„Call it an exoskeleton or a bionic suit, but for paraplegics, it’s freedom. This innovative device, developed by a quadriplegic Israeli scientist, relies on sensors that anticipate shifts in the user’s balance and translates them into movements like walking and standing. Already available in Europe, the suit had ist prime-time debut on an episode of Glee and is being reviewed by the FDA for use in the U.S.“

„A TIME/ Qualcomm poll reveals a world of opinions about who inventors are, how they do their work and which countries used to be – and will be – the most inventive. In cooperation with Qualcomm, TIME asked more than 10.000 people in 17 countries about their favorite inventors, the most important inventions, the role of genius, the need for patent protections and the future of inventiveness.“

ReWalk exoskeleton is ranked as world changing among the 25 best inventions in 2013.

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