Using a ReWalk Exoskeleton in the Winter and Inclement Weather

Safe and consistent regular usage is a top priority for independent home users of the ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton. For users who live in a climate with shifting seasons, this can be a unique challenge. When ambulating outdoors in inclement weather, there are some basic tips to enhance success and safety and we can think about creative indoor walking options for those who choose to hunker down for the winter months.  

Walking in the ReWalk in winter weather requires attention to a few key points: surface quality, crutching, and step length/speed. It may sound obvious, but ensuring the path to be walked is clear from ice and debris will be key – scout it ahead of time – either independently by the user at wheelchair level or by the companion. Even with a good path planned out, pay closer attention to crutch placement, potentially keeping them in closer and with more attention to ensuring they land on clear stable spots on the ground. Lastly, it may also be beneficial to shorten the step length and increase the time between steps to allow for the user to more cautiously navigate potentially suboptimal terrain. 

For those lovers of warmth and comfort, a great alternative for keeping a solid walking routine regardless of weather conditions is to find creative indoor solutions. Some users choose public areas like malls, churches, train stations, and warehouse-type stores as a few examples. Some users make arrangements with private businesses such as fitness centers, athletic facilities, and educational and medical buildings to name a few. 

Minnesota winters can be tough, so ReWalker Jackson Larson stays warm and safe while maintaining his walking regimen!


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