Utilizing MediTouch to Increase Massed Practice Post Stroke

The more we learn about, and strive to incorporate the principles of neuroplasticity, the more as neurorehab professionals we realize the importance of maximizing massed practice within our treatment plans. When working with patients post stroke, their immense potential for recovery heightens the importance of our role in helping create treatment environments which meet this new standard of care. 

How MediTouch Can Help to Increase Massed Practice Post Stroke

As mentioned in a recent Clinician’s Corner blog post, the MediTouch family of movement biofeedback devices includes a variety of wearable motion capture devices and dedicated rehabilitation software that allows patients with movement dysfunction to undertake intensive practice of single and multi-joint movements using augmented biofeedback and gamification.

MediTouch’s “dedicated rehabilitation software” can also be termed “serious gaming”.  According to a 2021 meta-analysis by Doumas, et al, “A serious game is defined as a game that has education or rehabilitation as primary goal. These games combine entertainment, attentional engagement and problem solving to challenge function and performance. Moreover, they comply with several motor relearning principles that constitute the basis of effective interventions in neurorehabilitation.” 

This paper concluded that, “rehabilitation through serious games, targeting upper limb recovery after stroke, leads to better improvements, compared to conventional treatment, in three ICF-WHO components. Irrespective of the technological device used, higher adherence to a consolidated set of neurorehabilitation principles enhances efficacy of serious games.”

In this highlighted clip from our Topics In Neurorehab web series, Rebecca Martin, OTR/L, OTD from the Kennedy Krieger Institute describes here how MediTouch can assist in achieving massed practice of good clean repetitions of some of the more difficult motions to elicit in individuals post stroke: 

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