Video Overview of the ReStore Exo-Suit

Kathleen ODonnell

The ReStore Exo-Suit for stroke rehabilitation is introduced, explained and demonstrated in this highlighted clip from Episode 01 of Topics of NeuroRehabilitation.

This week’s Topics in NeuroRehabilitation highlight is an oldie-but-goodie! In a throwback to our very first episode, Jill Butler and I introduce the ReStore Exo-Suit and highlight a couple of patient videos to demonstrate how clinics around the world are seeing the ways that ReStore can help improve to patients’ walking stability, speed, independence, and intensity during gait training sessions with ReStore.

Watch the full Episode 01 of Topics in NeuroRehabilitation here.

Reach us here to learn more about the ReStore Exo-Suit and to schedule a demonstration for your clinic.

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