What is a ReWalk Clinic Day? Highlight Clip from Topics in NeuroRehab Episode 12

How can local clinics help to get their clients evaluated for their own personal exoskeleton? Hear from Kathryn Vaughn, PT, DPT as she discusses the ReWalk Clinic Day program. After pre-screening candidates, ReWalk team members can help to arrange a designated clinic day at your facility to trial interested individuals with spinal cord injuries in your area. ReWalk team members will also arrive on site to bring the equipment, help to configure it for each individual, and provide guidance and support throughout the trials.

Clinic days can be a great way for local clinics to differentiate their facility and provide access to personal exoskeleton technology for clients with spinal cord injuries in their area – without having to invest in new equipment. Click below to see the clip!


Read more about ReWalk’s clinic day program here 

This is a highlighted clip from Episode 12 of ReWalk’s Topics in NeuroRehabilitation web series. You can read the transcript below or watch the full episode here.

KOD: For for any of the clinicians in the audience that are trying to learn a little bit more about what this clinic day entails or what that trial day entails, could you elaborate a little bit more on what that looks like, and potentially how those events are organized?

KV: Absolutely. So it’s a program we started in 2015 realizing that not every physical therapy clinic can make a large capital budget purchase, but that there are enough individuals across the US with spinal cord injury that we need to find a way to have them gain access to the technology. And so it’s a day that we set up with your facility. You would be trained in the ReWalk so you would know how to operate the device and we would be there as consultants, bringing the equipment to you. We would have patients pre-screened and pre-evaluated so that we know that they are good physical candidates. We would know their measurements and have appointments throughout the day. Usually it’s typically about two hours for each patient, but we can be a little bit flexible there. It just depends on how the schedule works in your facility.

During that appointment, like I said, we we help them, we configure the device for them. We help them get in, strap in, stand up, run through a set of balance exercises, and then always try to take some steps. It’s always a bonus if we can have some family there so they can experience that as well. But really, the goal is seeing that they can physically operate the equipment and that they have a desire to use it in their home.

KOD: This has been a highlighted clip from ReWalk Topics in NeuroRehabilitation web series. To watch the full episode, please go to the ReWalk Robotics YouTube page. See you next time!


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