What is an exosuit, and how does it work?

Kathleen ODonnell

Exosuits vs Exoskeletons

The ReStore Exo-Suit is a brand new kind of robotic gait training solution for clinics. Unlike a traditional exoskeleton, exosuits are made of soft, flexible fabrics, and do not contain rigid supporting structures that can restrict movement. This allows the exosuit to provide targeted assistance that synchronizes with changes in the patient’s own gait, making the ReStore Exo-Suit a perfect fit to help retrain walking function for patients in rehabilitation programs after a stroke.

Targeted Retraining of Ground Clearance and Propulsion

ReStore retrains hemiparetic ankle function using mechanical cables to provide physical assistance to the patient’s affected leg during the plantarflexion (propulsion) and dorsiflexion (ground clearance) phases of gait. Watch this animated video to see details on how the three different modes of ReStore – Assist, Brace, and Slack Mode – can be used to deliver different types of assistance:


Therapists can also control the amount of assistance during each phase to adapt to the needs of each patient. Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated some of the ways that ReStore can improve propulsion symmetry and other key walking metrics for individuals post-stroke.

Flexible and Dynamic Use

Instead of prescribing a specific walking speed or step length, exosuits are designed to move with the patient and respond automatically to changes initiated by the wearer, such as changes in walking speed, step length, or walking direction. ReStore can be used in combination with external equipment such as a treadmill or bodyweight support, and can also be used during dynamic overground walking activities, meaning that ReStore can keep up with your patients throughout their rehabilitation journey.

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