What is the ReWalk Clinic Day Program?

At ReWalk Robotics we know that it is not always feasible for clinics to purchase highly specialized equipment to treat a niche neurological patient population. And we are especially sympathetic in a year with a global pandemic that has drastically reduced capital budgets. That’s why we offer programs such as the ReWalk Clinic Day.

Through this program, ReWalk provides free screening and referral services for patients in your area with paraplegic spinal cord injury. We also work with your support staff to facilitate scheduling for each ReWalk Clinic Day. Once on-site, ReWalk team members provide all of the necessary equipment and support to help you efficiently conduct multiple powered exoskeleton trials. The ReWalk team can also provide guidance to navigate the reimbursement process. 


What To Expect During A ReWalk Clinic Day

During a ReWalk Clinic Day, ReWalk team members will help with the hands-on configuration of the ReWalk Personal System and serve as a second pair of hands, providing demonstration of key balance exercises and beginner walking techniques. 

The goal of the trial session is to determine if potential users are able to demonstrate a core set of basic skills and see a powered exoskeleton fitting into their daily lives. A warning, sessions can bring smiles, hugs and joy to those who are nearby as the ReWalk enables individuals with spinal cord injury the ability to stand and walk again. It never gets old to be a witness to the magic of this technology!


How The ReWalk Clinic Day Partner Program Helps Clinics

By partnering with ReWalk and becoming a part of the ReWalk Clinic Day Program you can expect to increase market awareness and visibility of your clinic. ReWalk provides co-branded marketing materials for print and digital campaigns to advertise this specialized service and will list your facility as a Certified ReWalk Training center on the website. We are active on social media and always looking to promote and share your content. 

As our Clinical Specialists identify candidates for the ReWalk System they will refer them to your facility, potentially increasing your patient visits per month. At the same time, your clinicians will also have the opportunity to add a new set of skills to their clinical practice. We’ve seen that clinics with diverse program offerings can contribute to improved staff retention and engagement at work.


Becoming A ReWalk Clinic Day Partner

Established in 2015, the ReWalk Clinic Day Program grew out of a desire to expand market access across the United States for individuals with paraplegic spinal cord injury to personal powered exoskeleton technology. Our very first clinic day was at Casa Colina Hospital in Pomona, CA and we have grown significantly so that you can find a clinic day in most urban areas.  

We are always looking to expand our network of partners to make trialing a ReWalk Personal System easier for potential users. By partnering with ReWalk, you too can provide this life changing technology to your patients and staff! 

Please review the Become a ReWalk Clinic Day Partner Resource and contact us to discuss becoming a Clinic Day Partner.

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