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The Sydney Morning Herald — April 2014

Paraplegic walks tall with bionic backpack

Radi Kaiuf was confined to a wheelchair for 20 years after being shot in the spine while fighting for the Israeli army in Lebanon in 1988. But a chance meeting with Israel computer scientist Amit Goffer at a rehabilitation...

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YAHOO! News Canada — March 2014

Man walks again with aid of exoskeleton

Errol Samuels, a 22-year-old whose legs are paralyzed, is learning to walk again less than two years after an accident confined him to a wheelchair. Using a computer-controlled exoskeleton called “ReWalk,” Samuels is walking on crutches during physiotheraphy sessions...

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Wall ST Daily — March 2014

Man Stuns Scientists, Morphs into Real-Life RoboCop

Two years ago, life for Errol Samuels came to a crashing halt. When a roof collapsed, he suffered irreversible spinal damage that left him a paraplegic. He thought he’d never walk again… but thanks to a stunning innovation, he’s...

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Robotic help; Hope for the paralyzed

MARLBORO — Gene Laureano rolls his wheelchair next to an upholstered office chair holding a device that looks like a combination back and leg brace, and with one thrust of his arms transfers his body out of the wheelchair...

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portal — February 2014

Roper Hospital Announces First Exoskeleton Technology in S.C.

Leading exoskeleton technology opens research opportunities on spinal cord injury CHARLESTON, S.C., Feb. 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Roper Rehabilitation Hospital’s Center for Spinal Cord Injury is the first program in the state and one of only 22 other...

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A medical breakthrough was unveiled in Boston Thursday

It’s a technology that lets paraplegics walk again, and it was combined with a major business announcement. First came the big announcement from Argo technologies. “We are very excited to announce that we have chosen Massachusetts as our U.S....

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TIME Magazine — November 2013

TIME Magazine names ReWalk world changing invention in 2013

„Call it an exoskeleton or a bionic suit, but for paraplegics, it’s freedom. This innovative device, developed by a quadriplegic Israeli scientist, relies on sensors that anticipate shifts in the user’s balance and translates them into movements like walking...

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gizmag — November 2013

ReWalk exoskeleton users take part in charity walk

Released two years ago, the ReWalk powered exoskeleton allows wheelchair users to walk upright again – albeit with the additional help of a pair of crutches. This past Sunday (Nov. 17), a group of ReWalk users from around the...

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Business Reporter — October 2013

I walked the marathon – in 17 days!

Claire Lomas, paralysed after a horse riding accident, explains how she pushed herself to compete in London SHE may be paralysed from the chest down following a horseriding accident, but that wasn’t going to stop Claire Lomas, British campaigner,...

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Money Week — October 2013

The paraplegic who walked a marathon

I saw an incredible woman give a speech last week. Claire Lomas was a top event rider before she was paralysed. She competed at the prestigious Burghley Horse Trials and had her sights set on making the British Olympic...

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The Jerusalem Post — September 2013

Israeli ReWalk device gets major Asian investment

Argo Medical technologies, whose ReWalk systems helps paraplegics walk again, announced on Wednesday a strategic partnership with Japanese robotics leader Yaskawa, signifying the Israel-based company’s biggest investment to date and opening it to key Asian markets. “Asia has patients...

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Frankfurter Neue Presse — May 2013

Geh-Versuche mit dem Außenskelett

Ein Spezial-Anzug soll gelähmten Patienten wieder das Gehen ermöglichen Ein Aktionstag in der Asklepios-Klinik machte Querschnittsgelähmten Hoffnung. Die moderne Technik vollbringt keine Wunder, kann aber mit etwas Übung weiterhelfen. Der Mensch war schon auf dem Mond, und den Mars...

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The Washington Post — March 2013

President Obama views ReWalk Demonstration in Israel

President Barack Obama has permitted TV crews with live microphones to accompany him at virtually every stop in Israel, giving a rare and fascinating glimpse at the joking and small talk that takes place on the sidelines of official...

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The Jerusalem Post — March 2013

Obama to receive three hi-tech gifts at Technion

During US President Barak Obama’s visit to Israel, he will be presented with three projects created by researchers and graduates of the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. A “snake robot” developed by Prof. Alon Wolf of the...

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ZDF — January 2013

Hilfe für Gelähmte: Das Exoskelett

Raus aus dem Rolli, rein in die “Rüstung” Wieder laufen zu können ist für viele Querschnittgelähmte ein großer Traum. Mit Hilfe einer zukunftsweisenden Technologie könnte dieser Wirklichkeit werden. Sie heißt Exoskelett und wird derzeit in einem Greifswalder Querschnittgelähmtenzentrum von...

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VentureBeat — January 2013

Wheelchair users walk this way with ReWalk 2.0

A man in a wheelchair stands up and takes his first step in many years. Attached to his legs and waist is a robotic exoskeleton called the ReWalk which helps him to stand, sit, walk and even climb stairs....

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