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New York Post — October 30, 2019

Meet the NYC Marathon’s amazing bionic woman

Meet the NYC Marathon’s amazing bionic woman By Zachary Kussin October 30, 2019 | 6:05pm Terry VerelineBarry Sloan Nearly a decade ago, Terry Vereline — who’s paralyzed from the chest down — “[moped] around in the morning … not wanting to...

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Massive Science — October 17, 2019

Exosuits can restore mobility in stroke patients and soldiers alike There’s been a bevy of heavy metal, superpower-imbuing robotic suits in pop culture — think Halo, Avatar, or Iron Man. In fact, these fictional portrayals were what inspired researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute in the Biodesign Lab to develop a...

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Helping paralyzed patients walk again

From Iron Man-like suits to implanted electrical stimulators, scientific breakthroughs hold out new hope for people with spinal cord injuries. Jeff Marquis, a professional chef, loved nothing better than snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking on the trails near his...

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