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For Our Patients | Kathleen O'Donnell | 7. Juli 2021

Health and Social Benefits of a Personal Exoskeleton

What do ReWalkers mean when they say that the ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton is “more than walking”? This week’s highlighted clip features Lucy Dodd, a ReWalk user in the UK, as she describes some of the benefits that she experiences as a result of her regular exoskeleton use at home and in her community, including improvements […]

Informationen für Fachkreise | Jill Butler, PT, DPT, NCS | 4. Mai 2021

Treating Pain after SCI

As a clinician, one of the patient complaints we most often find ourselves trying to help solve is that of chronic pain; and in the case of patients that have survived spinal cord injury (SCI), this can be an especially intense and pervasive issue.   Pain after SCI  After spinal cord injury pain is a frequent complication with approximately half to two-thirds of patients suffering from […]

Informationen für Fachkreise | Kathryn Vaughn, PT DPT | 29. März 2021

Was ist das ReWalk Kliniktag Programm?

Wir von ReWalk Robotics wissen, dass es für Kliniken nicht immer einfach ist, hochspezialisierte Geräte zur Behandlung einer neurologischen Nischenpatientenpopulation zu kaufen. Und wir sind besonders verständnisvoll in einem Jahr mit einer globalen Pandemie, die die Kapitalbudgets drastisch reduziert hat. Aus diesem Grund bieten wir Programme wie den ReWalk Kliniktag an. Im Rahmen dieses Programms […]

Informationen für Fachkreise, Themen Neurorehabilitation, For Our Patients | Kathleen O'Donnell | 17. Februar 2021

EP 22: Stories from Exoskeleton Users – Becoming a Successful Home User

Topics in NeuroRehabilitation – Episode 22. Hear stories from four home and community exoskeleton users as they each discuss what the process was like to go through training and transition from the clinic to the home and community environment. Each user shares a unique perspective and offers insights from their experience to provide tips for […]