Technology Adoption Tips & Tricks: ReStore Calf Wrap Liner Edition

Why Attention To Technology Adoption Is Important-

It’s easy to get excited when your facility or patient obtain a new piece of rehab technology, but without adequate implementation support and practice it’s also easy for things to veer into the ‘gathering dust’ category. This however is more harmful than it may seem, and for everyone involved including: patients, therapists, administrators, industry, reimbursers, physicians and more. Here at the Clinician’s Corner we’ve got your back! Add to the comments below any other Technology Adoption topics you’d like to see discussed. 


Getting good at donning the ReStore Calf Wrap Liner, why it matters-

The primary actions of the ReStore Exo-suit, assisted dorsi and plantar flexion, are regulated by sensors and cables positioned on a fabric Calf Wrap. Beneath that is a Calf Wrap Liner, which when sized and positioned correctly does a great job at keeping things in place and the system functioning well. At that point you are set up for a successful and effective session with ReStore!


How ReStore inherently helps you get and maintain a good fit

If Calf Wrap positioning becomes an issue during the course of a session, the clinician is provided with immediate and easy to interpret feedback via the ReStore App on the Handheld Device. As the treating clinician you are given the option: continue with session as is or stop and perform Mid-session Suit Management. 


  • Click here for an Instructional Video regarding Calf Wrap Liner donning:

  • Click here for a PDF version of the Donning Guide
  • Click here for an Instructional Video regarding Mid-session Suit Management:

  • Click here for a Highlight Clip episode of a TiN webcast regarding ReStore basics:

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