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Effect of Exoskeletal-Assisted Walking on Soft Tissue Body Composition in Persons With Spinal Cord Injury

After a spinal cord injury, the body undergoes significant changes, including loss of lean mass and a relative increase in the proportion of fat mass. A recent study was published by researchers at the James J. Peters VA medical center looking at the effects that exoskeleton assisted walking has on body composition for people with SCI. The study highlights important findings that sustained use of the powered exoskeletons in people with SCI has great potential to lose fat mass which might lead to long-term health benefits.

In this prospective, observational pilot study P. Asselin and collogues measured soft tissue body composition for people with SCI before and after 40 sessions of exoskeleton training. The training resulted in a significant loss of body fat mass (-1.8± 1.2 kg, P=.004) for all study participants.

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