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MediTouch Telehealth Capable Movement Biofeedback Devices

MediTouch creates innovative physical rehabilitation solutions for hospital, community clinic, and home care use. 

ReWalk is proud to distribute these products in the United States. Read more about these innovative devices below, or contact us here for further information and a demonstration for your clinic.

Total Package Solution – Devices and Software

The MediTouch family of movement biofeedback devices includes a variety of wearable motion capture devices and dedicated rehabilitation software that allows patients with upper and lower extremity movement dysfunction to undertake intensive practice of single and multi-joints using movement biofeedback.



Clinical applications and evaluation software provides the clinician with objective and quantitative information on the patient’s movement ability. Recorded and documented information allows the clinician to customize exercise practice to the patient’s movement ability. Motivating and challenging tasks in the form of neurorehabilitation games challenge and motivate the patient to do intensive practice with movement biofeedback leading to enhanced functional recovery.

The software also has a complete suite of Clinic/Patient Management Records.

MediTouch at the Specialized Transition Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute

Watch to see how therapists at the Kennedy Kreiger Institute’s Specialized Transition Program are using the MediTouch products to deliver fun and customizable therapy to clients in the clinic and via teletherapy after they are discharged to the home.

Telehealth Capable

MediTouch has developed the innovative MediTutor software that allows for teleRehabilitation. With this technology, therapists can connect to the patient through an online connection and webcam which enables regular check-in customized and guided exercise sessions. 

“MediTouch are ahead of the game in telehealth and telerehabilitation.”

Matthew St Laurent

Chief, Occupational Therapy;  Bethesda Washington DC

How it works:

  • Therapist meets patient online and guides him or her to set the functional range of motion;
  • Patient exercises by playing video games as directed by the therapist,
  • Therapist sees and monitors performance, customizes tasks in-session based on real-time data

Help your patients at a distance and really see what they’re doing!

Contact Us and Download Information:

Contact us here for further information and a demonstration for your clinic. If you are a patient or caretaker we can help connect you with a clinic that uses the MediTouch devices.

Further information for download-

MediTouch Products Brochure


MediTouch TeleHealth Brochure