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Mobility Skills with Exoskeletal-Assisted Walking in Persons with Sci: Results from a Three Center Randomized Clinical Trial

A randomized clinical trial was conducted across three sites, in persons with chronic non-ambulatory SCI. The primary aim was to determine the number of sessions necessary to achieve adequate Exoskeleton Assisted Walking skills and velocity milestones. A total of 50 participants completed 36 sessions with ReWalk and Ekso devices. At 12 sessions 62%, 70%, and 72% of participants achieved the 10MWT, 6MWT, and TUG milestones, respectively. By 36 sessions 80%, 82%, and 84% achieved the 10MWT, 6MWT, and TUG milestones, respectively. The researchers concluded that it is feasible to train chronic non-ambulatory individuals with SCI in performance of Exoskeleton assisted walking sufficiently to achieve reasonable mobility skill outcome milestones.

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