Training Resources | ReStore Exo-Suit

ReStore Exo-Suit Training Resources

ReWalk Robotics is committed to assisting certified ReStore Exo-Suit therapists in conducting safe and effective therapy.

For further information on the ReStore training program and information on how to become a certified training partner, please contact us here.

Please find a collection of training materials available for download below, and visit our ReStore Training Videos resource section for videos of device set up and usage.

ReStore Donning Guide

A quick-reference guide containing donning instructions and sizing information for the ReStore Soft Exo-Suit.

ReStore Session Notes

A form for therapists to record session information such as device sizing and settings, session summary, and other information.

Initial Patient Selection Guide

A guide to assist the therapy team when selecting candidates for initial sessions with the ReStore Exo-Suit.

ReStore Patient Feedback Form

For clinics who want to track patient satisfaction with new technology, ReWalk has developed a patient feedback from to collect input from patients about their experience with the ReStore Exo-Suit.


Reach us here to learn more about the ReStore Exo-Suit and to schedule a demonstration for your clinic.