Training Resources | ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton

ReWalk Exoskeleton Training Videos

Sit to Stand and Stand to Sit Transfers

ReWalker Katarina performs Sit-to-Stand and Stand-to-Sit transfers in her ReWalk Personal 6.0 Exoskeleton

A ReWalker transfers into his ReWalk from his wheelchair stands up and walks

A ReWalker and his physical therapist at Helen Hayes Hospital demonstrate transferring into a ReWalk, standing and taking initial steps.

A ReWalker Transports his ReWalk Exoskeleton

ReWalker Andre moves his ReWalk from his home to his car so he can meet his friends for a walk.

We invite you to reach us to learn more about the ReWalk Exoskeleton by reaching us here. We can explain how the device works, conduct a brief screening, and discuss options for reimbursement and how we may be able to support you in seeking your own device.