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ReWalker and Paralyzed US Veteran Gene L. Discusses His Experience With The ReWalk Exoskeleton

ReWalker Gene L. received his own ReWalk Exoskeleton in 2015, and first tried the device in a research study at his Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital in 2012. The device was provided to him through a VA SOP to supply these devices to paralyzed US Veterans.

Watch Gene demonstrate walking in his ReWalk and discuss how the device has changed his life. With reduced pain leading to a reduced reliance on opioids combined with improved overall mental and physical well being from using his ReWalk, Gene “calls the shots now.” What is Gene’s advice to others with a spinal cord injury considering getting their own ReWalk Exoskeleton? As he says in the video, “Do it. It will change your life.”

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Also, visit our ReWalk for Paralyzed U.S. Veterans page for information on how Veterans can seek a ReWalk Exoskeleton and training through their V.A.