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Paralyzed U.S. Veterans May be Eligible for Their Own ReWalk Exoskeleton

ReWalk is proud to support injured U.S. Veterans and the clinicians who take care of them. We worked closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs to establish a national policy on exoskeleton medical device training and procurement for qualifying Veterans with spinal cord injury (SCI).

Please find answers to frequently asked questions below then fill out the brief form at the bottom of the page to start the process of seeking your own ReWalk!

“Pursue this, it will change your life.”

ReWalker and Paralyzed U.S. Veteran Gene L.

Where can a Veteran Seek Evaluation and Training for a ReWalk?

In June 2018, the VA policy was updated. This update outlines the process that is in effect today:

  • The evaluation process will take place at one of 24 designated spinal cord injury VA centers, then,
  • Once a Veteran is determined to be qualified for training and procurement of his or her own exoskeleton system, the individual may be allowed to pursue training in one of three ways:
    • at their SCI/D hub center,
    • at a qualified VA hospital designated by the VA’s “hub & spoke” program, or,
    • under certain conditions, at a qualified private rehabilitation center through the VA’s Veterans Choice Program

What is Using a ReWalk Exoskeleton Like?

Watch to hear Paralyzed U.S. Veteran Gene’s story and why he encourages other Veterans to seek their own ReWalk Exoskeletons.


How can a Veteran Get Started?

We invite you to reach us to discuss how the device functions, complete an initial screening, and partner with us to seek an evaluation at your VA hospital. Also, we encourage clinicians, caretakers, and friends and family of Veterans with spinal cord injury for further information.

Reach us here:

Paralyzed US Veterans May be Eligible for a ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton

Get Started Now!

We also invite you to download our Steps for Veterans to Seek a ReWalk Guide here:

VA Step-by-step Guide to ReWalk Personal