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These legs were made for propulsion: advancing the diagnosis and treatment of post-stroke propulsion deficits

This review was conducted to analyze the relationship between post-stroke propulsion and walking ability. The authors discuss research on propulsion-targeting interventions and technologies, and highlight paretic propulsion as a key determinant of post-stroke walking function. In this review, the authors present the biomechanical and functional consequences of post-stroke propulsion deficits, review advances in understanding of the nature of post-stroke propulsion impairment, and discuss emerging diagnostic and treatment approaches that have the potential for improving rehabilitation paradigms for addressing paretic propulsion, including a discussion of the ReStore Exo-suit. The authors conclude that post-stroke propulsion deficits are diverse, current diagnostic and treatment paradigms do not adequately address these deficits, and that emerging clinical and technological advances have shown substantial promise to help reshape the management of post-stroke propulsion deficits. The authors suggest that future work in this area will lead to development of a new rehabilitation paradigm favoring a propulsion-restorative approach over one based on compensatory recovery.

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