ReStore™ Exo-Suit FAQs

ReStore is a battery-powered, lightweight, and portable soft exo-suit for rehabilitation of stroke patients with impaired gait. The Soft Exo-Suit is the first such therapy option for gait training.


ReStore is ReWalk Robotics’ first product to utilize Soft Exo-Suit technology and is designed for use in a clinical setting for the rehabilitation of stroke patients with impaired gait.


ReStore provides coordinated support for plantar flexion and dorsiflexion of the patient’s restricted foot and ankle. Power is transmitted via motors attached to the waist belt, which are attached to the calf cuff via cables with connection points, and an insole that is placed in the patient’s shoe. Sensors attached to the patient’s shoes analyze movement and control the timing of support. With a hand controller, a trained therapist can monitor key parameters, adjust support levels, change/select modes and record standardized gait school assessments.

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In general, current treatment options include labor-intensive, manual therapy or expensive equipment. ReStore by ReWalk Robotics offers an efficient system that a trained physiotherapist can use throughout the therapy session. It is significantly less expensive and requires less space compared to other systems in robotic gait therapy.

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ReStore is available for sale to rehabilitation facilities in Europe and the US, as well as other regions worldwide, depending on country-specific regulatory requirements.

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